Monday, August 13, 2012

DIY Weekend

During the course of the 6-day long weekend because of the severe flooding of Metro Manila due to the Monsoon rains, I’ve decided to be semi-productive and revamp some of my boring clothes I hardly wear anymore. I’ve long since stocked up on DIY tutorials and I wanted to try some out during my free time. 

1. Bleached shorts. The outcome was really messy but I like it, it gives off the punkish, pang-beach vibe, chos. Mind you, my head actually hurt after inhaling bleach fumes.

2. New York Fringe Top. This shirt was rather big and bulky so I knew I had to do something about it as to not look big and bulky the next time I wear it. Fringing your tops are actually very easy and do-able, you just need a nice shirt and scissors. 

3. Aztec print bandage skirt. This one has to be my favorite of the three because I really worked hard for it. This used to be a dress and plainly, it needed a lot of cutting, measuring and some major sewing which I had to do by hand. I’m really satisfied with my work here although I admit that I would have more to improve with in my sewing.

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