Saturday, May 26, 2012

seeing leighton

After almost 5 years of harboring borderline obsession (aka long-time extreme fangirling) towards Leighton Meester, I finally got the chance to see her live with Bea and Sheena, all thanks to BEA and her mom!!  
Possibly so, I think my admiration towards Leighton has even intensified. 
And in those 5 years, I'm only half sorry if I annoyed everyone with my persuasive speech about how much I look like her and how much I love her so so much. 
I am so overwhelmed with emotions right now.

My blurry pictures can't even put justice to how lovely she looked during the fashion show. (because I'm not a g0od photographer, that is.) 

Monday, May 7, 2012

a mundane summer for a mundane being

from my flickr

Like most of my modest summers in my mere existence, this summer is unfortunately not an exception. None of those extreme getaways to exotic countries or extraordinary feelings or relationships; just being my boring old self even during a long vacation.

A plus side of it is, I'm going to college now. A new life of my choosing and action. I am excited and scared of it but mostly thankful for the opportune.
I have about 2 weeks before school starts and I hope I can make the most out of it.