Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Midlife Crisis at 16

A week or so has just passed by since I have graduated high school. Of course, I am very much overwhelmed by this and I am very thankful for my parents and God and to all the people who have helped me reach this milestone in my life.

Our graduation ball came around, it was real fun and everyone looked gorgeous, except for me, but that could be argued on. I'll miss my friends and batchmates and all the people I'll leave behind. I'll miss the school's environment which I have both loved and hated at different times- but mostly loved, mind you.

Now on to what I really feel, but there's a big problem about that; I don't know what to feel, to do.
During my high school days, I have not accomplished much and I was fine with that, until now.
Now I'm struggling to get on with my life and what I should do next but I can't because my accomplishments, or lack thereof, are bringing me down.
I am very euphoric about finishing high school, really I am, but I must go on now.
I am finding myself not able to.

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