Monday, April 25, 2011

Trade Mistakes

Holly Golightly, independent heiress.
And I do wish I could be just like her sometimes, no my bad, all the time.

Let this be a proof that I made this blog post on a summer night of April 25, 2011 with a heavy heart because of being subtly rejected online.
I have come here to find solace from the disappointing bout that is my life.
Starting up has always been a difficult stage so here I am babbling about it instead of actually going down to the actual function of my introduction. 
Listening to some sensible music is where I also find comfort in self-depressing times like this. Oasis, Fall Out Boy, The Beatles, etc.
My blog is shitty. I have no friends to mingle with, because all of them are in their summer vacations or are too lazy to hang about with. I am suffering from low self-image issues. I want a lot of things to happen in my life that I can't start up with - and that adds up to my depression.

Nothing much has happened to my life since the start of summer vacations and I may sooner be faced with the fact that this summer has been nothing but me in a lazy haze, lying around and pigging out. 
Every summer, I promise myself that I will do something new and not just sit around and get myself 10 pounds heavier again, but every summer, again & again, that is what happens. Maybe I should figure myself out and think about what I really want, in the choices of
  • Trying something new. Discover what I'm really good at.
  • Just sit around because that's the easy way in
  • Go on an adventure. 
  • Be like Matilda (Roald Dahl)- only like nearly a decade older
  • Please just excuse all this for bad humor or something else worth classifying to.

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